Artist Biography and Statement

Aaron was born and raised in Utah in 1983. He graduated Bountiful high as the Sterling Scholar in art and has attended SLCC for graphic design. He graduated with a Bachelors degree in Fine Art from the University of Utah in 2008. He is currently a student at the Bridge academy of Art studying under Michael Workman, Sean Diediker, and Justin Taylor. Aaron lives and works from a studio on Main Street in Bountiful.


Artist Statement

I paint because I love to paint; I need to paint. I have things that I wish to communicate, and sometimes pictures are the best way of doing that. My favored mediums are oil and pastel.

            I have always had a fascination with impressionist painters. I attempt to paint in a style similar to that.

            I am intrigued by urban areas ignored by current culture. I have an unusual interest in freeways, refineries, and other industrial parts in and around Utah. These areas attract me purely for reasons of curiosity. I want to know how these areas contribute to and affect our world. These urban fixtures create the things we consume and are necessary for our current survival. I see these areas as the gritty source of luxuries we enjoy. Many people do not see this seemingly absurd subject matter as beautiful. These areas of our creation and they surround us. I see beauty in these areas because I must try to see beauty in the world, beauty is the core reason I continue to exist.

            I paint these urban scenes with the same sensitivity as the impressionists painted mountains and lakes a hundred years ago. My subject matter is different, but my interest in loose brushwork and atmospheric virtuosity remains.

At the current moment I paint things around me. Urban scenes are abundant directly outside my home or studio door. Traditional “picturesque landscape” images of the past are becoming a diminishing reality. I am environmentally mindful, and hope to bring awareness to others of our environmental impact.